The Ford Taurus's Lights are Designed to be Bright

The Taurus has been a staple of the Ford lineup for many years. This vehicle has remained popular with car buyers due to the fact that it is reliable and provides an outstanding ride. This full-size vehicle is designed by Ford to provide bright lighting in low light situations.

All models of the Ford Taurus are now equipped with high-intensity discharge headlights. These lights are very bright, and they are designed to come on automatically in low-light conditions. They will also illuminate when the windshield wipers are turned on. The Taurus has LED lights in the taillights. 


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The Top Ford Fiesta Smart Features

The new Ford Fiesta is packed with smart technology features that will make you fall hard for this affordable, sporty car. Most of these features make driving the Ford Fiesta even more fun than ever, but the real win is that you will be safer and more focused on the road ahead.

The push-start technology lets you get in and out of your vehicle with your hands free to store cargo and get ready to do. The back-up camera keeps you from running into other people or cars in tough parking spaces. The MyKey system is a great addition for…
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Ford Flex Comfort Features For Better Driving

The Ford Flex offers more than just spacious seating for up to seven passengers. It also offers a myriad of comfort features that make all seven passengers feel good while in your vehicle. It’s one of the most flexible vehicles on the market, which makes it appealing.

The Flex offers a one-touch power folding third-row seat to create more storage capacity without the added work of manually folding down the 50/50 split seat. It also offers heated and air-conditioned front seats to ensure that there is no room for discomfort when driving in any type of extreme temperatures…

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Ford Escape Interior

For many people shopping for a new vehicle, one of the first things that they see is the exterior of a vehicle. This makes sense, since you typically walk through a car lot, and check out the outsides before you ask to see the inside of something. The Ford Escape is a vehicle that looks great from the inside, but you will also be really impressed with the interior of the vehicle. Built with comfort and technology is mind, you get everything you could ever want from a vehicle.

On the interior of the Ford Escape this year, you get…
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The All-New Ford Explorer Comes With Many Technology Features

The all-new Ford Explorer is a three-row SUV that continues to be one of the most popular vehicles on the road. Here are just some of the technology features in the Explorer.

Unlike traditional cruise control, the new Explorer has the adaptive cruise control feature. Set the desired speed on the highway, and the feature begins to scan far ahead to see if anything is moving slower than your Explorer. If anything is detected, the Explorer slows until the road is clear before the speed resumes.

To keep drivers safer in the Explorer, the SYNC 3 responsive voice-activated.....
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The New Ford Edge Takes On The Competition

The 2018 Ford Edge stands out as the premier vehicle in its class. The new SUV is an award-winning automobile that has been praised for its interior design and safety. The car offers a great deal of luxury for the price tag and is sure to please new car shoppers.

The 2018 Ford Edge has a sleek and dynamic body design. The aerodynamic design gives the vehicle a classic look when traveling on the roads. The sport version features dark headlamps to go along with an aggressive front grill. There are mirror caps, a rear spoiler and side plates with…
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Do You Know About the Capability Features of the Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is a popular full-size pickup truck with best-in-class capability features. One of the most prized features of this truck is its Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which is proprietary technology by Ford. It helps you to back up when a trailer is attached to the towing hitch, making it easier for you to maneuver the load.

Given the size of the Ford F-150, you may also appreciate its available side entrance step. For people who are shorter than 5'6" in height, this side step makes it easier to safely climb into and out of the truck as…

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Sassy Smart Technology and The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has technology smartly crafted into it from top to bottom, inside and out. Worked into this smart automobile is sassy style and intelligent fun.

Drivers can safely use the hands-free technology to make a call, send a message, or get directions. Google maps along with live traffic updates and driving time estimates makes getting to appointments and being on time easier.

Passengers can charge their devices with a smart USB port, which is conveniently located in the middle console. Smart ports detect which type of device it is charging and adjust the power accordingly. The 


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Become Even More Productive At Work With The 2018 Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck

Every employee has to increase productivity to please their bosses and the Ford Super Duty pickup truck will keep a smile on their face because this powerful vehicle makes completing jobs easier, quicker, and effortless. Accelerate productivity with a very popular heavy-duty pickup that brings the power, the energy and the toughness of the Ford brand to the forefront.

Some of the leading-edge productivity features include the 7 available cameras mounted throughout the exterior with 180/360-degrees on all sides, along with a Trailer Reverse Guidance system that will help the driver...

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Ford Explorer Design Features & Tips

Ford came out with the new 2018 Ford Explorer and received rave reviews. With a whole new interior consisting of soft-touch materials and tech features, the exterior is just as dashing and reflects a new style for the mid-size SUV. The seating in the new Explorer is spacious, and the cargo room makes it to go on camping trips if that's your thing.

The new Ford Explorers also have a lot of technology built-in, including SYNC infotainment interface and a 4.2-inch LED display. You can use voice commands to control most of the functions inside the vehicle, including…
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